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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  April 30, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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mexico. you can see why there is such a growing sense of panic among some people. here you mention the weather. yeah, the sea is very rough today. there is talk here in mississippi of six-foot swells. so the oyster boats were rushing out to get what catches they could not knowing what their livelyhood will be like in the next couple days. >> and they say pb has to pay for this, and this is there mess, if you will, but there was a request to the federal government to deploy the national guard. who is leading this? >> reporter: we know the federal government earmarked money for this, and will bp pay it back. and there is a fund set up by law, and oil companies contribute to the fund for disasters like this, and bp will
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have to contribute back in the fund when it's over. i am sure it's established by law. we don't know exactly the protocol of how it plays out, especially in the initial stages, but that is being very much talked about by people in the federal government and people concerned about how much it will cost and how much it will be cleaned up. >> thank you very much, michelle. we are getting the first images of the all-too real impact this oil spill is having on wildlife. crews are cleaning an oil-coated bird rescued off the coast of louisiana. it's the first animal they have recovered that has been, as you see, covered in oil. they are using dawn dish washing soap to clean off the bird. so far the only oil-coated animal they have found. they expect to see more if this
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is not cleaned up sooner. and we expect to get the latest in a news conference, with janet napolitano and bp's chief officer, and we'll bring that to you as soon as it happens. a federal judge in chicago refused to issue a sep for president obama to testify at former illinois governor blagojevich's corruption trial. the judge said blagojevich failed to supply what would be material from president obama at the stand. blagojevich is scheduled to go on trial june 3rd. and emergency teams are on the scene of an accident in washington, d.c. involving two tour buses that collided head on. one bus was parked on the curb and another bus slammed into it.
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crews managed to free one of the drivers, but they are working to get the other person out. both drivers' injuries are serious and potentially life threatening. and there are two lawsuits that take aim of arizona's controversial lawsuit. one lawsuit was filed by a tucson police officer claims the new law violates several constitutional rights. earlier today i spoke with the officer, he is a 15-year veteran with the tucson police department. i asked him why he felt compelled to take this matter to court. >> it's something that i grew up with, as far as being a mexican in the community, the things that i went through growing up and in this neighborhood and community here, and now as far as being a police officer, i have seen changes, big changes come as far as the immigration, what has been happening, and i
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think this new bill that arizona passed, it was unjust and unfair, and i felt strongly about the group, and that group is the group that i belong to, which is mexicans. >> what kind of support are you getting from other officers? >> you know what? i have been getting very, very good support. as a matter of fact, it was filed yesterday, and today was good to wake up to a lot of officers sending their support my way. i believe there is going to be a lot of other officers stepping up with this lawsuit. >> do you believe there is no way to enforce this law that would not infringe on an individual's rights? >> i don't think so. i have been talking to friends and police officers, you know, and i am an instructor here with the department, and other officers, and we are just trying
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to think, what way could we possibly work this that we could actually make contact with somebody and determine their status, if they are here illegally or legally, and you can't. it will lead to profiling. >> tomorrow, thousands of expected to show up at mayday parades. and developing now, a government official tells nbc news the fbi is investigating the west virginia mine where 29 miners were killed in the explosion this month and the federal mine and safety administration. they are looking into possible bribery from massey energy. and goldman sachs may be facing a criminal investigation on top of the civil lawsuit
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filed by the fcc, which is accusing the firm of defrauding investors. federal prosecutors in new york are looking into criminal charges against goldman eer its employees. and >> it's hard to tell where that is illegal or driving exsples it corruption or where it's stupid and needs to be reformed. we need investigations and more investigations and more investigations, quite honestly, so the fact they are looking into massey and may look into goldman -- remember, they said we could look at the civil charges, and then sometimes an fcc lawsuit will trigger the department of justice or the criminal authorities to look
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further, and that's all that happened here. >> what will they look at criminally? would this mean seeing goldman executives in handcuffs? >> yes, all of that is possible, not probable, but possible to a criminal means. if you were to look what they would be driving towards would be fraud, misrepresenting not necessarily what they are selling, although that may be part of it, but where goldman sachs will run into trouble. imagine goldman sachs as a bookie, and they bet on the sports they make a book for, and they are in the jets and patriots game, and they got to half-time and switch their bet to the patriots. and is that illegal? that's the question. there are two kinds of businesses. gate keepers and agents that help you do things, and then
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principa principals, and there are different rules for principals or agents. would you want your real estate broker to own houses and then sell them to you. they pushed it off potentially on their client. did they let their client know they were doing this because they thought it was too risky? >> we heard goalman was not the only jinl on wall street practicing this. >> this is the tip of the iceberg. >> will that mean criminal and civil charges for others? >> yes, just in the class of security that goldman was charged. >> there are lots of places to ask lots of questions. if you want more information on awful this, check out dylan's
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show. we will talk about the things senator catwell about things that could make it real reform. people are not property. you cannot steal somebody's husband? >> john edwards' mistress tells oprah winfrey why she believes she did not destroy his marriage with elizabeth edwards. some say this race could go to anyone. a report from churchill downs. this is msnbc.
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welcome back. we are following two breaking
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stories right now. sources are reporting bernard madoff's sons may face charges. they are likely to face tax fraud charges later this year, but they may escape more serious security fraud charges if authorities fail to come up with solid evidence they knowingly participated in the massive ponzi scheme that landed bernard madoff behind bars. and an indictment unsealed on friday accuses a man of traling to meet with members of al qaeda. rielle hunter, the woman that had the affair with john edwards, she says it's time she tell her side of the story in an interview that aired thursday. she defended herself and did not seem to express remorse for her
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relationship. norah o'donnell a correspondent. people are reacting to the story in a lot of ways, quite honestly? >> yeah, she wanted to speak out to oprah because she wanted to praise john edwards' live of integri integrity. rielle hunter uses the interview to strongly deny that she broke up their marriage. >> a lot of people bought into the myth of the marriage, the edwards' marriage, as being a story bookstory and it was so perfect and wonderful, and i destroyed it. >> reporter: rielle hunter says it's not her fault the marriage fell apart. last year in an interview with oprah, elizabeth edwards said hunter seduced her husband. >> i blame john, but of course, women need to have more respect for other women.
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>> reporter: hunter claim she and edwards were drawn together like a magnetic force at a chance meeting in new york. >> he was just so excited. just lit up like a christmas tree. white lights, and just as bright as can be. and i turned to him and said you are so hot. and edwards later invited hunter to his hotel room. >> did you stay the night? >> okay, i think it's like that should fade to black. >> reporter: more than a year later the affair was still going on. >> were you using birth control? >> no, we never used birth control. >> so when john edwards is renewing his views with elizabeth edwards, he knows that you are pregnant? >> yes. >> did you think now is my time to get out? >> no, i was pregnant. now he has turned into the father of my child. >> reporter: but john edwards
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would deny he was the father. >> i know it's not possible that this child could be mine. >> reporter: admitting now he lied on television. why? >> she wanted him to say you got to get out in front of this and say the truth and speak the truth, and she didn't know the truth. hunter raised eye brow when she posed half naked in "gq" magazine. >> i wanted to have one beautiful shot where the world could view me as a beautiful woman instead of all the photos out there for me looking like some wicked witch of the west. >> what did johnny think about the photos? >> where are your pants? >> reporter: four years after the affair first began, hunter
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does not deny they are still together? >> do you still love him? >> very much. >> does he still love you? >> i believe he does. >> as for the infamous sex tape, she says she wish she would have destroyed it. she is now suing. >> andrew young is saying rielle hunter lied to oprah, and that's his recent comment. have we heard anything from john edwards? >> nothing from john or elizabeth edwards. i know that elizabeth edwards does not want to give rielle hunter anymore attention or andrew young additional attention. we know they are separated from one another, and elizabeth edwards is trying to live her own life. she is out there and battling breast cancer, still, and frequently out there talking about health care reform. >> thank you, norah.
2:18 pm what is your reaction to some of the things you heard from rielle hunter? and we are going to get the latest from cnbc. plus the national guard has been called in to help with the gulf coast oil spill. we are waiting for a news conference at the bottom of the hour from homeland security secretary, janet napolitano, and we will bring that to you live as well. this is msnbc. this man turned to a life of crime and was imprisoned. after his release, his brother glenn gave him a second chance, which is when he created bread, which is in stores. [ crowd cheering ]
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welcome back. figures show the economy grew at a solid 3.2% rate during the first quarter of the year, slightly less than expected but less than the 5.6% growth from last year. and also encouraging the growth, it's fueled by the biggest increase in consumer spending in three years. this is the last day for home buyers to qualify for a federal tax credit for $8,000. it's designed to help the
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housing industry. it's expires at midnight tonight. and we are joined from washington. diane it's the housing market so many people are waiting to see some good news come out of that, and we hoped folks would take advantage of the tax credit. >> reporter: yes, we have seen a small push towards this tax credit. this is the extension of the tax credit, it was the first-time home buyer, and then move-up buyers, and $8,000 if you are the first time home buyer. we have seen the big pushes on the website, and clocks counting down until tonight. and the problem, though, is that a lot of the demand was pulled forward to last fall when we saw the big numbers. you had a lot of people rushing last fall. that took away from buyers this spring. we are seeing a bit of a bump in the market this spring.
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again, not the kind of jump we would like to see. the credit ends tonight and some were wondering if housing would dip again, be it sales or prices. the government is still in the housing market, and still a $75 billion bailout, and so prices don't go lower. and fannie mae is offering 3.5% back if you buy any foreclosed property. the government still has a hand in the housing market, but the tax credit ends at midnight tonight for first time buyers. we are waiting for the news conference to start any minute now with homeland security secretary, janet napolitano. the national guard has been called in to assist. we will bring you that as soon as they start. and then packing heat in church. is it crossing the line? [ indistinct talking on p.a. ]
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welcome back. any moment from now, top white house officials along with the governor of louisiana and the top executive from bp will be at a press conference. we will bring you that as soon as it starts. strong winds are already hampering the desperate effort to protect the coastline from the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. julie martin joins us from the port. we can see the winds blowing behind you, and what is the forecast behind you now? >> reporter: the wind and wave action is not working in the favor to stop the effort of the oil reaching the populated areas. the oil is at the chandler islands and also reaching blind bay, which is on the periphery
2:28 pm
of l.a. and with these winds, and we are talking 25 to 35 knots, and that is all just pushing this water towards the coast and unfortunately the oil along with it. tremendous efforts are being done at this point to try and put up containment booms and keep as much oil back as possible. but with the strong southeasterly flow it's not working in their favor today. and it's just a difficult task altogether. >> i am curious, we see a lot of boats behind you. what are you hearing from the people that you have come in contact with, their concerns right now? >> reporter: there is a huge industry right here, the seafood industry, and this is the peoples' livly hoods, and shrimping industry opened early yesterday. i talked with one shrimping family, and they said the shrimp
2:29 pm
are not ready to be harvested, and we are not ready to harvest them, this came as a surprise to us. it's not helping them all that much. and for oysters, they are going to have to wait it out until conditions improve, which will be monday before they can assess this. some of the reefs, if the oil reaches them, they could be impacted for not just days but years. so there is a lot of concern and nervous folks here along the gulf for very good reason. >> the weather channel's julie martin, thank you very much. we are expecting to hear from the governor of louisiana and top white house officials any moment from now. we will bring you those comments and tell you what the plan of attack is now that the weather is hampering the attempt to clean up the oil spill. and real estate senator, and
2:30 pm
jeff greene is announcing his decision as crist made his decision to change parties. here is what he had to say on the "today" show just this morning. >> this is going right to the people. this is making sure all the people have the opportunity in my state to make this decision about who their next u.s. senator is. nobody should be afraid of that and nobody should be fearful of that and it's all in the peoples' hands. >> crist will be the guest on this sunday's "meet the press." and declaring today national no phone zone day, because more than a quarter of all accidents are now believed to be the result of talking or texting while driving. tom costello has the detail from washington, d.c. >> safety experts and advocates say this is like the mothers against the drunk driving campaign or the seat belt movement 30 years ago, it's about keeping all the gadgets in
2:31 pm
your glove partment and purse and not giving in the temptation to look at them while driving. 13-year-old key was on her way to school when a truck driver slammed into her school bus causing it to exsploe and catch fire. alicia rushed to the scene to find that all but one kid had managed to escape. >> that's what they told me is that she was the child on the bus that had been killed. >> reporter: safety advocates say distracted driving is now a national epidemic. they statement 28% of all accidents are the result of cell phone conversations or texting. 6,000 deaths, and half a million injuries. and texting drivers like the san antonio bus driver are 23 times more likely to have an accident or near miss.
2:32 pm
the reason it's an epidemic is because everybody has a cell phone and everybody uses their cell phone while driving. >> reporter: six states in d.c. outlaw handheld cell phones while driving, and no states completely ban all cell phone use while driving. and service campaigns are meant to scare drivers into changing their ways. this british campaign went viral on the internet with parents and schools requiring kids to watch. back in florida, this mom keeps her daughter's id card in her wallet. >> i don't understand how this little plastic card came off of
2:33 pm
the bus but she did not. >> the university of the utah researchers believe it could double the risk of driving with the legal definition of drunk driving. back to you. >> we should point out, oprah winfrey made the rounds this morning pushing having people pledge that they will not text while driving or talk on the phone while driving as well. she put her power behind this effort as well. a bombshell revelation today. halle berry and her long time love calling it quits. courtney hazlett is off today. so kim joins us. what do you know about halle? >> halle berry and her boyfriend of five years, a model, have apparently split. they, of course, have a 2-year-old daughter, a gorgeous little daughter.
2:34 pm
it's sad. i think people will attribute this to the oscar curse that we have heard so much about recently with sandra bullock. there are different reports coming in and saying that gabriel broke it off because he thought the age difference between them was too large. nine years, i think he is 34 and she is 43. and some reports are saying he was looking at other women. you look at halle berry, and what other women are you going to look at after her? she is gorgeous. she has had two failed marriages and said she would never marry again, and it's sad. it will be an split, and they want to share custody. >> and jay leno? >> yeah, conan is speaking out for the first time since everything has happened. he says basically that if the
2:35 pm
roles were reversed, he would not have done the same thing to jay. i think that's the big news of the interview. he of course signed a nondisparagement agreement so he can't really say anything too bad about jay or any executives, but he says if the roles were reversed, he would not have done the same thing. it was so publicly, and he would not have turned around and then asked for it back, basically. >> your last item, lance armstrong? he had a new baby? >> yeah, expecting a fifth child. this is his second child with his current girlfriend. he announced it on twitter. he signed up this new twitter, and people were asking who is this person you are following, cinco armstrong, and he said i am expecting a child. this child already has a twitter account. >> the twitter account for the
2:36 pm
unborn. spectacular, i guess. >> that's the new way to do things, i guess. >> apparently. thank you, and for the latest entertainment news, log on to and then the 136th kentucky derby takes place tomorrow. the two favorites dropped out earli earlier, and some have had to make adjustments. >> reporter: lots of talk about the 136th running of the kentucky derby tomorrow. but it might be unpredictable. looking at lucky and sidney's candy, the favorites on the outside and inside, not a typical place where horses could win the race. unpredictable because of the weather.
2:37 pm
it's supposed to be sloppy and a lot of rain, and if that happens, it could be anybody's race. as many as 15 horses to be could inn it. home boy chris which is partly owned by the dodgers' current manag manager, joe torre, he is in the field. and last year, mind that bird also won the 50/1. coverage kicked off tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern time on nbc. >> as he pointed out, you can watch the live coverage at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow only on msnbc. bibles and bullets why some say the two belong toga specially on sunday mornings. is it crossing the line? later, a college student gunned down in her car. keith more sun will tell us about her family's decade quest
2:38 pm
for justice. and then we will bring you a news conference as soon as it begins right here on msnbc. [ crowd cheering ] [ male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪
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welcome back. the man that found the next generation iphone at a bar says he regrets not doing more to return the device to the owner, apple. he found the new iphone at a bar and is accused of selling that phone. he put images on the phone on its site, and last week officials raided the home of the employee after the phone was reported stolen. in today's true crime segment, a college student gunned down in her car. her fightiamily has been fightir justice for ten years. we have a preview.
2:42 pm
>> reporter: michelle o'keefe, 18, a college freshman. she was murdered in a remote parking lot outside los angeles, shot four times. her parents, pat and mike o'keefe have suffered every since. >> when i heard those words, it just took all the feeling out of me basically. that was just really horrible. >> reporter: it was a security guard at the lot that night, a man said he heard the shots but did not see the killer. he talked to police. he told them something he could not possibly know unless -- was he the killer? >> when i first seen her, the gunshot in her chest, that to me looked like the very first shot fired. it was close range. >> reporter: but without solid evidence, the police could not make an arrest. months passed, and jennings
2:43 pm
remained free. a living hell. >> as long as their is breath in my lungs, i will not give up until it's resolved. >> reporter: but how? they tried to dig up new evidence by filing a civil case, and in again, the talk of jennings reveal add lot more than a man who never saw the killer could have possibly known. >> her pulse and fingers twitching. >> in order for her to have seen that, he had to have been there when the shot was fired. >> reporter: finally, years after michelle was killed, charges were laid. first-degree murder. >> it was like god or jesus reached out and put his hand on me, and i got a chill down my spine. >> reporter: one trial ended in a hung jury and then a third trial. facing the o'keefe's in the
2:44 pm
courtroom, he swore before god that he was innocent. >> i heard you speak on god, and as christ as my lord and saver, i will stand before god and this is one sin i will not be judged for. >> reporter: was he an innocent man, or were the o'keefe's right all along about the man who knew too much. >> that airs tonight. guns in church. there is a new push to make it a law in louisiana. it's our crossing the line question of the day. that's coming up next. plus, we are still waiting on the top officials from the white house and the governor of louisiana to start the press conference on the latest to control the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. it is set to start shortly and we will bring you the news after the break. [ laughs ] ♪ i am stuck on band-aid® brand ♪ ♪ 'cause band-aid® helps heal me! ♪
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welcome back. there is a lot going on here
2:48 pm
today. white house social secretary rogers says she plans to rebound with a life of new york. she resigned. she said, if the worse thing that happens to me is, you know, somebody said that i was beautiful and i had on the wrong dress and i should have had a clipboard, okay, i am comfortable with the work that we did. california governor arnold schwarzenegger admitted he would love to run for president some day, and he was born in austria, and tonight show, the governor said he would make a white house bid without a doubt if the law was changed. and then a tv miniseries based on barack obama's presidential campaign. the series is based largely on the book "renegade." it has a lot of people asking who will play the role of
2:49 pm
president. those are the things we thought you should know. we understand the press conference is about to get started here. we are waiting to get the latest information from 2k3w06 bobby gin zell. they will talk about the latest effort to get the oil spill under control. and chuck todd just sent a note saying they notified that louisiana governor's request for federal assistance for national guard movement has been approved, and that means the fed agreed to stay rather than the state of louisiana. and the president said bp would be responsible for the cleanup, and it was something that would have to come out of their pocket. in today's crossing the line, they say they love their guns and god, and now they want to bring the two together.
2:50 pm
a house committee in louisiana has given its blessing to carry weapons inside places of worship, including churches and temples. it was sent to the house floor for more debate, and if passed religious establishments could have a security vote, and they could have parishioners to bring guns to church. and henry burns of shreveport says the legislation is needed to protect people who live in areas where crime may be a problem or police have a slow response. the democrat from louisiana is here, and thank you so much for joining us. tell me your opposition to this idea. >> well, one of the things is i am certainly concerned about the fact that there may be people
2:51 pm
who may be permitted to carry a gun who does not have the training or understanding of when to use the gun and when not to use the gun. as being in the church, this is a place where we go to make peace with god, and this is where we take our families and this is where we can be in the house of the lord and to continue to understand that we feel safe in the house of the lord. so my opposition to it is, you know, there may be many people who does not think that they need training. there may be many people who really does not understand what this really means. >> let me ask you. i know for example in the state of texas, you have to go through training, and is that not the case in louisiana? in order to get a permit, do you have to go through training? >> no, anybody that applies for
2:52 pm
a permit to carry a gun doesn't have to have training. >> harry burns says people need to protect themselves when they live in areas where crime may be a problem, or police have a slow response. what do you make of the argument from him? >> when i think about we have no metal detectors required to be placed in churches, we don't know who could be sitting next to us, and a gun may go off and somebody else thinks somebody is shooting, and then you have a lot of people pulling their guns. the other thing is we may live in areas where there are crimes, but at the same time, that's what we pay our police officers and sheriffs and marshals to protect us. if people get a gun and protect themselves and others, we are taking it out of the hands of
2:53 pm
the law. >> what are you hearing from some of the ministers that you have spoken to? >> i am speaking to some ministers that said they never heard of something this ridiculous before, to allow guns to come into the churches. many of them that i am speaking with are not in favor of the bill. >> louisiana state representative, barbara norton, thank you for your time. is it crossing the line? you can twitter me your response. in the meantime, that wraps up this hour. i will see you back here on monday, 11:00 a.m., and 2:00 p.m. eastern time. as you know, we will have the latest on the oil spill oozing into the wetlands in louisiana. we are still waiting on the government news conference to continue and we will bring it to you when it does. meanwhile, the rescue crews are cleaning the first burden
2:54 pm
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top of the hour right now, we are following breaking news for you waiting for the start of a news conference in the state of louisiana. state and federal officials are about to give us the latest on the oil spill in the gulf. this as we get some of the first pictures showing the animals being affected by this disaster. we are going to continue with that possible oil disaster happening in the gulf. the oil slick is making its way on the louisiana coast with four other gulf states preparing for
2:58 pm
the looming environmental and economic impacts. high winds are hurting cleanup efforts. post guard boats are ready for deploitment at this hour. and we learning the department of justice is sending a team of lawyers to the disaster zone. homeland security is assessing what needs to be done. we want to get the latest from michelle kaczynski live in gulfport this afternoon. >> reporter: upsetting to many people seeing the first real physical affects of the oil seeping out by hundreds of thousands of gallons every day. and it's moving in this direction. we are off the coast of mississippi now, and we are on the coast of mississippi, just off the coast in the barrier islands. that's where all people can do is prepare. the navy has equipment already in place here in the form of
2:59 pm
booms and skimmer boats, and it can collect the oil off of the surface. those have not been used yet. right now they are deploying the booms to the coast guard. they want to protect the most sensitive areas on the barrier islands, which is the first line of defense from hurricanes too. and scientists are worried not only for the wildlife but also for the plant life. and we saw preparations in terms of air force aircraft that are in place, not used yet but that can help spray chemicals that could help disperse the oil. there is a growing sense of real panic for the economy here. people make their livings from these waters. we saw oyster boats rushing out trying to get what they could having no idea what their livelihood would be inhe


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